Fundraising to support victims of repression in Belarus

BYSOL fundraising

Emergency relocation

In conditions of political persecution, threats to human freedom, life and health we help families to leave Belarus safely and quickly.

Support courtyard initiatives

Unique Belarusian courtyards are a phenomenon of protests. Small communities unite people across the country in their fight against dictatorship. They help Belarusians to openly express their protest, and we must help them to continue their struggle.

Support the families of political prisoners

In Belarus, more than 700 people ended up in prisons because they did not want to turn the blind eye to the terrible actions of the authorities. Support is needed not only for them but also for their families.

Private fundraising

Post-arrest examination and treatment

After prison, there were complications that could lead to infertility. After consultation, the doctor recommended a paid examination to prescribe treatment.

One year of chemistry for tearing down a flag

Returning home after a rally, publicly tore down a flag and threw it on the ground. This led to a criminal case under Article 370, for desecration of a national flag.

3 years in jail for defending his mother, Sergei Detsuk

Helping political prisoner Sergei Konstantinovich Detsuku to collect parcels, packages and money orders. When his mother was harshly detained by the riot police for participation in the action, he stood up for her, for which he received 3 years in prison.


Aid to defendants in the “Rabochaga Rukh” case

Fundraising to support the families of the defendants in the “Rabochag Rukh” case, who are accused of treason, attempted seizure of power and creation of an extremist organization.

Media Solidarity

Fundraising to support independent journalists and media in Belarus who have suffered from repression. We pay scholarships and grants, support editorial staff. Journalism is not a crime!

Fund´s statistics

На 24 августа 2021 года

  • 247 people received aid in emergency relocation
  • 1 361 dismissed people were supported
  • 133 fundraisers posted on the website
  • 200 families of political prisoners received aid
  • 20+ initiatives supported by BYSOL
  • 114 veterans received aid
  • 166 courtyard applications received aid
  • 14 strike committees received aid


Will the perpetrators of torture be punished? What is universal jurisdiction?

Belarusian human rights defenders use the mechanism of universal jurisdiction to punish the police and riot police officers who tortured people at the protests in August and continue to torture them to this day for crimes against humanity. Let's try to understand how universal criminal jurisdiction works.

Important post about security

In helping yards, the most important thing for BYSOL has always been and will be safety. For this reason, only 2 people in the fund are working on receiving and verifying applications.

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