Private fundraising

I am a civic activist and was a member of Victor Babariko's initiative group during the 2020 elections. For expressing my opinion in the comments on telegram channels I had to undergo several searches and stay in the TDF, after which I was sentenced to a year and a half of home “chemistry”. Needing help to support my family and pay court costs while my sentence is being served.

The military of VSU stands up to their last breath for their Family, for their People, and for their Country. Now one group of troops is in dire need of a pickup truck for combat missions. The previous vehicle was damaged during air strikes.

Karina Potemkina is an activist from Soligorsk who was forced to leave Belarus in December 2021 and stayed in Bucha, where she caught the war. Since the outbreak of hostilities, the girl became a volunteer for the local Rada in Bucha, and in early March she evacuated to Lviv, where she continued volunteering on another platform. After the liberation of Bucha, Karina decided to go back and continue volunteering.

My name is Konstantin Shulga and on December 15, 2021 I was detained in my own home under Article 342 part. 1 (violation of public order and participation in unauthorized actions). Before the beginning of my detention I was engaged in treatment of my health, which had significantly worsened during my time in the punishment cell and in the pre-trial detention center. Now I am in Poland and I need help to continue my treatment and to settle down in my new country.

Dmitry Vovk and Yevgeny Shkrabo were killed in a car accident in Romania on June 14. Now relatives of Evgeni and Dmitri need money for the funeral of the victims, their parents will transport them from Romania to Belarus. Dmitry's wife and children (6 and 9 years old) cannot return to Belarus because of political persecution. As a result of the blocking of their cards in Ukraine and the loss of their husband and father, they do not have sufficient means of subsistence and need support at first.

In 2020, I participated in rallies and actively expressed my opposition to the violence and lawlessness in Belarus. In September 2021, I was sentenced to 1.6 years of home chemistry on a “roundhouse case.” In April 2022, after serving 7 months of home chemo, I had to flee the country illegally because of the threat of the colony.

Sofia Sapega was detained on May 21, 2021 at Minsk airport, while boarding an Athens-Vilnius plane. Since May 21, 2021, she was detained, first in the KGB detention center, then under house arrest. On May 6, 2022, she was sentenced under Art. 130 part 3 of the Criminal Code to 6 years in prison.

My fight for a free Belarus cost me the loss of my job and most importantly, separation from my young son. Surprisingly I managed to win the courts, but then the threats came. And I had to leave Belarus without my child and move to another country and build my life by myself.