Private fundraising

In 2020 my family made their choice, in December 2020 was convicted under s.23.34. in 2021 in November was taken to detention center under s.342.1, after 7 months of arrest was sentenced to 3 years of home chemo.

My husband is a political prisoner, after the events of 2020, our family, myself and daughter have been without his support for 7 and a half years. We are in dire straits and need help. My husband is incarcerated.

A year ago, armed men took my husband away in front of me and my children. The investigation lasted almost a year and resulted in a sentence: 9 years in a strict regime colony with monetary compensation of 2,000 Belarusian rubles (700 euro) for material damage. I was left alone with two young children (1.5 and 7 years old) without husband and his material support.

A brave man who went out on a solitary picket against injustice in the country was convicted under Articles 368 and 370. At his trial he was sentenced to two years of “chemo.” He now needs help for the first time on his release, as he will need to regain his health.

Experienced Ukrainian fighters continue to defend their country from unthinkable military aggression. Now one of the squads is in dire need of help to purchase equipment.

The defenders of Ukraine from the 79th ODSB front are in dire need of a drone for reconnaissance and effective destruction of the enemy. More than half of it has already been collected. We really hope for your help and support.

My story, like many, began on August 9, 2020, with detention at protests against unfair elections, followed by continued reprisals in the form of preventive detentions on far-fetched protocols. On September 1st I was detained by GUBOP at my workplace, with all the ensuing consequences (infliction of bodily harm, torture with a stun gun, and intimidation by physical violence).

I was sentenced to two years under Article 369 after being released from the MLC. At the moment I cannot find a job in Belarus, as everywhere refuses to employ me because of my “political prisoner” status. In order to go to another country, I also need money to open a visa, prepare documents, move and the necessities of life.

60 years in prison and a fine of 2,100 basic units — this was the sentence passed on a former military man, a manager of a trading hall, an individual entrepreneur, a technician from the Institute of Powder Metallurgy and a high-class specialist in construction industry, during a closed trial in the high-profile “Busli Latsats” case.

Sergei Satsuk, an investigative journalist and former editor of the Yezhednevnik portal, has not only been sentenced to a long prison term, but also to pay a large fine. His family has no way to pay this fine and could lose virtually all of their possessions, including the car the family needs because they live out of town.

Being in another country without knowing the language and waiting a long time for asylum — I was not allowed to work. After 5 months in prison I started having serious health problems. Treatment is not cheap and I would be very grateful to anyone who would help me recover.

Help is needed to pay off utility debts that have accrued for many years in the house where I was registered but not living because my mother was deprived of parental rights while I was in detention. As a result of the court proceedings — the debts were divided among all family members. This also affected me.

The first time after imprisonment is, as it turned out, not only joy, meetings and family restoration, but also fatigue, exhaustion, state of prostration and disorientation. When you are free, you are fully aware of what has happened, and your physical health is not good. You have to recover, in almost everything.

Two of my children have been sentenced to prison because of their citizenship status. Now I need to go to work after maternity leave and 50% of my earnings will go to pay fines. In addition to my sons, I also have three minor daughters growing up.

My spouse was detained in April 2022, for commenting on a telegram. The investigation went on for six months and in October he was tried on six articles. The court's decision — 9 years of imprisonment in a reinforced regime colony and the payment of compensation for moral damage in the amount of 2,000 rubles.

For a long time, our family has been receiving threats from the security forces. For this reason, my brother had to urgently leave the country at short notice. I helped him with the documents. Our family was already under surveillance, and now there is a danger of being detained “for helping us escape”. Need help with paperwork for my brother and temporary residence in another country.

Anarcho-partisans received heavy sentences: Igor Olinevich — 20 years in prison; Dmitry Rezanovich — 19 years in prison; Sergey Romanov — 20 years in prison; Dmitry Dubovsky — 18 years in prison. They are accused of terrorism for setting fire to the premises and cars of members of the punitive system.