From 2015 to the present, the volunteer initiative “gumroute Belarus-ATO” continued to help Ukrainians in the conflict zone. Volunteer medics were supplied with four units of medical vehicles, the total weight of humanitarian aid delivered to the Ukrainian Donbass in five years exceeded 25 tons.

Today, millions of Ukrainians are internally displaced or remain in shelters in places of hostilities, turning to Volunteer Hundred for assistance. Assistance includes food, medicine and hygiene products. We are opening a fundraiser to purchase the most popular items from our recipients' requests.

We are opening a collection for women who faced violence during the war. We need help with expensive medicines (contraceptives, prescription drugs, Rape kit) and their subsequent transfer to Ukraine, so that women are not left alone with their misfortune, we are opening a collection for women who faced violence during the war.

White Rock is a rehabilitation center for bears rescued from circuses and menageries. The bears were temporarily evacuated at the beginning of the invasion and continue to be fed and treated. Funds are needed for running costs to pay for food and housing.

The Prague Support Team, a Belarusian NGO, is setting up a separate aerial reconnaissance group of four volunteers in Prague. After training and preparation, the group will be able to perform various tasks of reconnaissance, patrolling, artillery spotting, etc.

Irina Minkovskaya, CEO of Europe's first educational center for educators, parents and children, “I AM MY SCHOOL” — initiated a charity project to help Ukrainian warriors. On February 24, 2022 the educational center became a shoe making workshop, where Irina helps to raise funds to deliver modern biker boots to Ukrainian children at the front. The project team is constantly in need of extra funding to buy leather, and you can help them.

We are helping Armed Forces of Ukraine to get off road vehicles to aid their needs. We are raising $250 000 to purchase 50 such vehicles to cover backs of our protectors.

Fundraising to support independent journalists and media in Belarus who have suffered from repression. We pay scholarships and grants, support editorial staff. Journalism is not a crime!

Voices from Belarus emerged in July 2020, when Belarusians around the world started asking the question, “Where can I find news in English to share with my friends?”

For 5 months already Zubr team and Malanka Media (news service from the creators of online monitoring system of election process 2020) together with us are following the events in Belarus, trying to cover all important news, events and opinions of public figures in fast form of live broadcasts.

Medics are special heroes. In Belarus, they fight COVID-19 without state support and actively oppose arbitrariness and violence. We support their rights, an independent union, the laid-off and their families.

Belarusian expats from Seattle and the UK support workers of Naftan who joined the national strike in Belarus.

For their protest against beatings, murders and lawlessness, the athletes paid with careers that they had built all their lives. It is our duty to support them.

Belarusians in Portland united in support of the BelAZ workers, who are fighting for democracy and justice in the country and have faced reprisals for their demands.

The first belarusian online school in Ukraine is urgently seeking sponsors. The school was urgently created to help children whose parents have been caught up in the repression machine and to preserve their children's Belarusian identity. Most of the families whose children attend our school cannot afford to pay even the minimal cost and are educated for free.

We want to financially support families who have been left without a breadwinner. The help is designed to ensure that they have enough to pass on and support the families. These families include elderly and disabled people as well as very young children.

Fundraising to support the families of the defendants in the “Rabochag Rukh” case, who are accused of treason, attempted seizure of power and creation of an extremist organization.

The volunteer program has been in existence since November 2020. During our work 3000 volunteers have been involved in 50 regions of Belarus and in more than 30 countries of the world. For the volunteer program to work even more efficiently and expand, we need your support.

Providing psychological help to victims as early as possible after traumatic events is very important because the effects of psychological trauma worsen over time and develop into a chronic stage with health and mental health consequences.

On March 1, as part of volunteering, we launched a telegram bot where anyone can get psychological help after experiencing traumatic events. Currently we have 15 psychologists working at our initiative, both Ukrainian and Belarusian. We need help to pay for the work of psychologists who provide support to victims of military actions in Ukraine.

The Peramog plan needs to fund a portion of the cost to train Belarusians who wish to actively participate in the restoration of law and order in Belarus.

Fundraising for the Peace House initiative, a temporary shelter in Warsaw for people who have had to leave Belarus urgently due to political repression.

Collection for renting a house in Kiev for the possibility after the urgent departure of Belarusians within a month to have a place to stay , this is enough to help the person to legalize in the country. Since Belarusians are persecuted constantly and in the near future there are no preconditions for suspension of repressions, the place for residence of such people is needed constantly.

Since August, our lawyers and attorneys have been helping illegally dismissed workers, giving them legal advice and accompanying them through the courts. The levy is needed financial aid so that we can continue to do this

The purpose of our gathering is to buy minimal equipment to create video content on the platforms: Tik tok, YouTube, Instagram, VK, OK and maintain a minimum life support for the team of the project “This is Minsk, baby!” technically.