Private fundraising

Piotr is a long-time participant of the opposition movement. A Minsk resident. In 2020 he was cautious and tried not to get into the camera lenses, so he did not count on attention from the law enforcers. However, one day the danger arose, and he had to leave almost empty-handed.

Gleb was detained for “wrong” subscriptions and comments and spent more than 5 months in the pre-trial detention center. Later he was sentenced to a year and a half in a penal colony, but the BYSOL team managed to get him out of the country.

Daria was injured in a flash-bang grenade explosion in Novopolotsk in August 2020. Since then she has been suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and depressive-anxiety disorder. The collection is open to pay for a course of DPDH psychotherapy.

Katsiaryna was an independent election observer in 2020, and after the murder of Raman Bandarenka she went out with a solitary picket against violence. Recently, the law enforcers became interested in the woman again, so she urgently left Belarus.

“We haven't seen daddy for several months” — the father of an activist from Lida has been in pre-trial detention center for several months awaiting trial. The man was charged with 2 criminal cases after the 2020 protests. The family needs help.

Alexander has been involved in activism since 2014, when as a 20-year-old student he decided to run for local Councils of Deputies. In 2021, he was detained in a “roundel case” and sentenced to one year in prison.