Private fundraising

As of this writing, only 18 days have passed since Yevgeny Chervinsky was released from prison. He is now in a refugee camp and needs help for adaptation, dental treatment, and rent.

After my release, the first deputy head of the ROVD told me that if before they were hindered by the law, now he could eliminate me and my whole family by all illegal means. Because of this our family had to urgently leave Belarus. Now we are in a difficult financial situation and we will be very grateful for support until we can get our documents drawn up and be able to find employment.

I am a social and political activist and mother raising a child alone. I was forced to leave the country with my child because of persecution and harassment, where I received international protection. Now she has to pay the rent and get a physical exam, an MRI of the brain.

Inna Shirokaya is a mother of five children raising them alone. Inna was forced to get away from the persecution of the regime after her imprisonment, seizure of her property and becoming an extremist #1712. Now she needs support to build a life in another country.

I am a political prisoner in forced emigration, with two children ages 12 and 18. My eldest son is a student just like me — unable to return to the country because of the threat of criminal prosecution. I was an independent observer in the August 2020 elections and actively expressed my position against the dictatorship and war in Ukraine.

Along with my family, we were forced to flee the regime to a neighboring country. Life in emigration is still a joy, during this time I seriously thought that prison was better, but there is just no way back. I know that there are people who are much worse off than my children, but I have nowhere else to turn for help.

After her release, Anna Vishniak, left without her work equipment (laptop, phone) and with no belongings at all, was forced to retreat from her homeland. Anna needs support in order to start her life from scratch, as well as — to rehabilitate her health after the period of imprisonment (badly destroyed teeth).

Alexei Golovkin was detained on December 3, 2020. He has group 2 disability (hemophiliac polyarthropathy), and despite the complex diagnosis — he was sentenced under 4 articles of the Criminal Code for 3 years in a general regime colony.

My name is Andrei Tupovsky, together with my wife we were active participants in the protest in Mogilev. Against the background of psycho-emotional stress my wife started complaining of recurrent “blackouts” and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, neurasthenia, recurrent syncopal states in the anamnesis.

A mother of three children, a European Belarus activist who has repeatedly participated in the 2020 protests, defending her choice to live in a free and independent Belarus — has fallen under the repression of a brutal dictator. On December 30 she was arrested, and after some time she was put on the “list of terrorists.

Prior to his incarceration, our son lived and worked in the city of St. Petersburg, but upon his arrival on vacation — he was arrested. He was in pre-trial detention, and on October 26, he was found guilty under Article 342.1, resulting in a sentence of three years of home “chemo”.

For a long time, our family has been receiving threats from the security forces. For this reason, my brother had to urgently leave the country at short notice. I helped him with the documents. Our family was already under surveillance, and now there is a danger of being detained “for helping us escape”. Need help with paperwork for my brother and temporary residence in another country.

Anarcho-partisans received heavy sentences: Igor Olinevich — 20 years in prison; Dmitry Rezanovich — 19 years in prison; Sergey Romanov — 20 years in prison; Dmitry Dubovsky — 18 years in prison. They are accused of terrorism for setting fire to the premises and cars of members of the punitive system.