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Our history of resistance began long before the events of August, in May to be exact, when I was fired for my publicly negative assessment of the state's covid activities. That's how I got involved in civic initiatives, and then became an activist in my neighborhood. From June 18 I “walked” in Minsk every time the circumstances demanded it. My husband joined me in August, and we “walked” together until his detention. He was released from jail with a covid and his license was revoked for a year for “blocking the roads. 
I managed to avoid being detained for quite a long time, although I was very actively involved in the life of the district, doing what is now called "organizing, coordinating and financing terrorist activities. I also talked about the situation in Belarus abroad, taking part in conferences, giving interviews and talking to representatives of the diaspora. 

In winter I was detained, but when I came out from Okrestin I found out that the police searched our apartment and the money had disappeared, and my husband had been fired because of the loss of his license. So we were both left without a job and until last we had no plans to leave the country, but the criminal authorities started looking for my husband and the tax authorities started looking for me. 
While we were preparing this collection, my story added up! At the end of July they started banging on our door, apparently officers of GUBOP. We did not open the door for about 2 hours, after which the KGB officers arrived. They searched us, after which they took us to the KGB. After the interrogation my husband was released, but I was given 15 days in jail under Article 24.3. 

We took a difficult decision to leave in order to continue our activities from abroad and join one of the resistance initiatives. And recent events contributed to this, and we were forced to "leave. 

Since we had no time to prepare a normal departure and we were not yet officially settled in our new place, we needed financial support. 

When we had a chance, we helped the Belarusians and did everything to bring our victory closer. Now we need help, and we won't let them down and continue to push the regime.

How much does Yulia and Sergei Yukhno need?

1550€ — The amount listed was calculated to include travel, food and rent for t

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 089
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 089