Support for the initiative “Dom Tvortsau” in Warsaw

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We are “Dom Tvortsau” – an initiative that helps repressed Belarusians. Our house, which is located in Warsaw, has become a place for residence, rehabilitation, creative realization, a safe hub for meetings and exchange of experience of creative people from Belarus, including political prisoners.

During the 2 years of our existence we have held six residencies, which were attended by more than 300 creative people from Belarus. We supported artists, musicians and actors who needed psychological help and space for realization in freedom and communication with similar people. Thanks to our residencies, musical and visual works of art appeared, as well as various events in Warsaw (concerts, exhibitions, open lectures) and independent joint projects of people who have completed the residency.

We would be grateful for your support!
Despite the fact that we have no permanent funding, “Dom Tvortsau” exists and continues to help talented people from Belarus.

The funds raised will be used for the maintenance of the house in Warsaw and for the accommodation of those who apply to us.

Recently the telegram channel “Dom Tvortsau” was recognized as an extremist information product. 

You can follow our activities on the pages:

How much is needed?


This amount is needed for 4 months of operation of our house.
The main expenses for 1 month are:
 — cleaning and preparing rooms for occupancy — €100
 — purchase of household items, including household chemicals, linens, etc. — €160
 — work of the administrator, housekeeper — €300
 — work of a psychologist and free psychological trainings for those who faced stress and burnout in emigration. Classes are held once a week for 3 hours — €520


€ 1 751 in 4 320