Help for the family of Andrei Zeltser, who went all the way

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Andrei Seltzer actively participated in the 2020 protests against the rigged presidential election and even wrote a manifesto in which he urged those who disagreed with what was happening to “go all the way.” And he himself was the first to follow it, when seven KGB officers began to break into his house, he took a rifle in his hands. 

He did not betray his ideals and maintained his dignity. He fought back against those he considered criminals who threatened him, his family and his people. Andrei's friends and colleagues remember him as a very good and kind man. 
“We had a wonderful son, we can't relax to put our grandson on his feet,” his relatives say.

Andrei Seltzer was 31 years old when a KGB officer's gunshot cut his life short. He graduated from the Institute of Business and Law in Minsk and worked in a programming company. Together with his wife and young son (10 years old) they lived in a house on Yakubovsky Street in Minsk.

How much is needed?

5000€ — Funds raised will go to pay for legal services (child custody, protection of wife); child care, necessary clothing items; and funeral arrangements, funeral services.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 18 150
The collection is over. Сollected: € 18 150