Help pay for a lawyer for political prisoner Yana Pinchuk

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Hello. My name is Nikita Safronov and I am the husband of political prisoner Yana Pinchuk. I ask you to support my wife. Now Yana is in the detention center in St. Petersburg and I have already asked you for help before, but because of the so-called special military operation of Russia in Ukraine, Yana has lost her last instrument of protection in the form of the European Court of Human Rights. There is a 99% chance that the girl will be extradited to Belarus, where she faces a long prison sentence. 

All of this means that we are back to square one in the fight for my beloved wife's rights and freedom. Now we need help to pay for lawyers in Belarus, as well as to buy medicine and clothes. My wife has a number of chronic illnesses and a large amount of money will go toward medication. All the clothes she bought earlier will stay in the detention center in St. Petersburg, as Yana is physically unable to take her things away, and obviously no one will help her with that. We would be very grateful to everyone who can help Yana to live a normal life in the detention center in Belarus.

How much is needed?

3000 € — payment for two lawyers; purchase of medicines and clothes.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 735
The collection is over. Сollected: € 735