Support for Sergei Wilkevich, who lost his job because of his tg-channel subscription

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On February 11, 2022, Sergey Leonovich Wilkevich was detained at his residence in the city of Grodno after a search was conducted. During the search all working equipment was seized: cameras, phones, laptops, hard drives, flash drives and even an e-book. 

After the search Sergei was sentenced to three days in jail under Part 2 Article 19.11 (subscribing to an Instagram account on Belsat and Nexta) and Part 1 Article 24.23 (posting photos with BCHB symbols in an Instagram account). The trial was scheduled for February 14, 2022, but it did not take place due to the fact that Siarhei was taken to Hrodna Kastrychnitski Borough Court and had to be sent to the place of registration at Hrodna Leninski Borough Court.

The first court sitting was held on March 10th , 2022, under part 2 of article 19.11. The court sentenced him to a fine of 25 basic units and confiscated his phone as a means of committing an administrative violation. The trial under part 1 of article 24.23 has not yet taken place. Until the trial is appointed, Siarhei is without all working equipment. He worked as a photographer and processed photos, and since all the equipment is under arrest — Sergei has no way to find the funds to pay the fine and provide for his life in the meantime. 

How much is needed?

720€ — to help pay the fine; to buy a phone; to pay the bill for being in the TDF; to consult a lawyer; to pay the state fee for filing a complaint.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 838
The collection is over. Сollected: € 838