Helping a former political prisoner regain his lost source of income

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Hello, my name is Victor. I am a former political prisoner. After I was released, I was threatened with a new criminal case. Therefore, without waiting for another prison term, my wife and I decided to save ourselves and our children and applied to BYSOL with a request to be helped to leave.

Thanks to the help of responsive Belarusians, I was able to find a place to live and get a job as a cab driver in Poland. All last year I worked hard to provide my family with everything they needed. I drove a rented car, but it is more profitable to work on my own car. So we invested the money we had saved and bought our own car so that we would not lose part of our earnings.

But a disaster happened. Our car was stolen from the parking lot near the house. It was a hard blow for the family, because we were left without a “working tool” and without any airbag. I wrote a statement to the police, but based on practice, such cases are almost never solved. Which means my family lost all of their savings.
(BYSOL has all the documents to back up the story)

I'm starting all over again…. It's scary to think about tomorrow again. If something happens to me, my family won't even be able to pay the rent.

This misfortune has really knocked me out and has affected my emotional state a lot. It is unbearable to think that I will let down my family, who had to leave everything together with me and go to another country. I realize how much responsibility I have. And I really need your support.

Every little help will be a big contribution for our family to reach our goal. We believe in the power of goodness and solidarity of Belarusians. Please help us to feel confident in the future again. Thank you very much!
Zhyve Belarus!

How much is needed?


This is about the cost of an adequate used car + bringing it up to speed to work in a cab.

€ 2 620 in 4 000