Assistance for treatment and rehabilitation of an activist from Belarus

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Perhaps my training camp will be the strangest in the history of BYSOL, because I can hardly tell you anything about myself. We consulted with the training camp team for a long time about what details we could reveal so as not to expose people close to me in Belarus, but every time the picture fell apart. In the end, we decided to settle on an almost empty anonymous story and an assurance that I am a living person who really needs help.
(BYSOL team confirms all of the above)

My name is V. I recently left Belarus due to a serious threat of persecution and am now living in a neighboring country. Just a few days after I crossed the border, I had a severe pain in my abdomen. It turned out to be appendicitis. But since I had just arrived and had not yet had time to draw up the necessary documents and get medical insurance, I had to be treated at my own expense.
(BYSOL has all the supporting medical documents).

We cut the bill from the clinic as much as we could. But it is still big for my budget, because I left Belarus with almost nothing. That is why I need your help.

I know that without details my story looks strange, but as it is. And I also promise that when I get back to work, I will pay back every euro paid for my health in double amount by my work for the benefit of New Belarus.

How much is needed?


Payment for surgery and post-operative treatment at the clinic

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 925
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 925