Aid to family of political prisoner sentenced to 9 years for “commentary”

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In April 2022, the husband received a call on his phone asking him to testify. The call was explained by the fact that the car, in which the husband used to work in a cab, had had the numbers changed. My husband agreed, and after a while a car drove up to the house. I followed him downstairs five minutes later and all I saw was the car pulling away from the house, with one person in it. My husband didn't answer the phone. The police department did not know anything, said to write a missing persons report after three days. On social networks, the husband appeared online, but did not respond to messages. He did not answer the phone either. 

It was later reported that this was the aftermath of 2020. After hiring an attorney, we learned that the husband was detained for comments in the 2020 telegram. There were only administrative proceedings against him, but after a trial on the administrative case — the husband was taken away in handcuffs to an unknown destination. What, where and why — unknown. The lawyer was also not told anything. 

As it would become known later, a criminal case was already drawn up against him at that time. The second court on the administrative case will be held without her husband's presence. The court decision — confiscation of the cell phone and a fine of 800 Belarusian rubles. The husband is recognized as a political prisoner. 

In the process of the investigation article by article is added. Husband is put on the list of people involved in “terrorist activities. The investigation lasted six months. In October, he was tried under six articles. The court decided to sentence him to 9 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony and to pay compensation of moral damage in the amount of 2000 Belarusian rubles. 

The family was deprived of their father and husband. We have two children. From the very beginning of our family life my husband took all responsibility for providing for our family financially. He worked and I took care of our children. This year my oldest went to school. Attempts to get an official job were unsuccessful. We had to give up speech therapy. I went to the unemployment office but they couldn't help me. Not giving up, I started my own small business, registering as self-employed. I got a small income, but it was very small and unstable. We live in a rented apartment. At the moment it is very hard to cope alone. We have started to get sick very often, and medications also require some funds. We would be very grateful for everyone's expressed solidarity.

How much is needed?

1350 € — repayment of debts taken to pay the lawyer; transfers to the colony; personal needs of the family.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 078
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 078