Help for the family of political prisoner Denis Salmonovich

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A black raven flew into my family in July 2021. At that time a call came to my number from the RUVD with an invitation to a conversation to discuss my active participation in social networks and participation in marches. Citing covid, I postponed the conversation for 2 weeks. For two months I lived with acquaintances. Like everyone else, I waited and believed it would all end. On 04.10.21 GUBOPIC burst into my house, they detained my son and at that time underage daughter. The house and dacha were searched. Only after GUBOPK made my son confess on video they let my daughter go. 

That's how they make criminals out of our children, relatives and friends. I had to leave, my daughter-student and spouse stayed at home. Four months later my spouse had to leave. My daughter refused, she really wanted to continue her studies. Also, it was necessary to support Denis. 

We rent a room in Poland, I work and my husband can't find a job yet. Because he is 62 years old, he is in poor health. He suffered a stroke a few years ago and all the recent events have made his health worse. So it turns out that we are surviving on my salary alone, sending money to my daughter to pay for utilities, living and buying parcels for my son. We pay for a room here. 

Unfortunately, after the court sentence to our difficult financial situation added a fine of 6.400 rubles and a claim for 33.000 rubles. It will still be considered, and maybe be able to reduce it. Forced to ask for help. I would be grateful to all good people.

How much is needed?

2600€ — help to the family of a political prisoner to pay for a lawyer, packages and parcels.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 468
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 468