Helping the family of political prisoners

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Since September 2020 our family was persecuted by the authorities. In September, I was convicted under 23.34 for participating in rallies, where a police officer was a witness. Before the trial, the “witness” summoned me and in the office together with his “colleague” they threatened me, insulted and humiliated me. After I was given an administrative penalty, this “officer of the law”, with the help of his colleagues, organized a criminal case against me for allegedly insulting him, for which I received 2 years of home “chemistry” and 1000 rubles in moral damages for the “victim. 

My husband was also persecuted for his political beliefs. On January 29, 2021, in his absence the door to his apartment was broken into and all the equipment was taken away; on January 30, 2021 the law enforcement officers came to conduct a search. They came to my apartment and took away all the equipment. 

In April, after returning from a business trip my husband was taken into custody and placed in a pre-trial detention center, where he spent 48 days. A criminal case was opened against my husband for posting a picture on the social network. On the picture there was a picture of a law enforcement officer and the inscription — "took part in the dispersal of peaceful rallies, tortured people. It was regarded by the court as slander, the husband was sentenced to 2 years of "chemo" with a referral and 1000 of moral damages for the "victim". 

Our family had a service business in town — TV repair, which was held by the husband. Now my husband is serving his sentence in Vitebsk colony and has no opportunity to provide services in his town, I myself am on home "chemo" with restriction of freedom.

How much is needed?

1200 € — for the needs of a family with two children aged 16 and 8.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 803
The collection is over. Сollected: € 803