Pogonya Smiley Penalty

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I love my country and hate the state. 

I never thought that because of the image of historical and cultural value, which is the image of “Pogonya”, which, in fact, should be protected by the state and for the destruction of which there is Article 344 of the Criminal Code.

I will be convicted and dragged into even greater financial hardship. For posting the smiley face “Pogonya” and the words “Zhyve Belarus” in the social network I was fined 100 Belarusian rubles. 

The verdict was upheld in the regional court. 

Another 10 b.v. were added for non-payment of the fine. Came home executor, photographed and described the property. The daughter was summoned to the investigation committee.

All my conscious life I worked for state enterprises and the state, paid taxes, was a law-abiding citizen. But in the end — sometimes it is not up to the laws. This state doesn't need smart and thinking people. 

But in spite of everything, “Live Belarus! I shall live forever!

How much is needed?

650 € — Family Assistance.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 102
The collection is over. Сollected: € 102