Support for activist fined for “No to War” picket

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I am an adult who continues to believe in miracles and in the saying that even one grain of rice can move the scales. Especially since there are more such grains every day.

Perhaps I have not chosen the right path in the struggle for peace. It seems that writing “No to War” in the window does not help to solve the problem. However, I hoped that it would support and warm those who would suddenly raise their heads and look at the upper windows and see the inscription. Will feel that we are many, we are near. We do not want war and do not believe that by seizing someone else's land, destroying homes, expelling and killing people, Russia will “liberate” Ukraine. Unless by those words we mean “liberate Ukraine from Ukrainians.”

My eldest son attended the Kiev Institute until February. All nations were treated equally there. Since the beginning of the war the institute was closed, some of his classmates were evacuated abroad, and some are sitting in basements and cellars. Like any Belarusan, I have acquaintances connected with Ukraine. I cannot think of them without tears and anger at my powerlessness.

My skill at sewing interior toys and other happy little things is now completely useless and not generating income. Looking for work, but I live alone with a primary school age child, and there are issues with full-time employment. At the moment I'm not able to pay the fine of 2400 Bel. rubles, which the court considered reasonable for the inscription on the window, by myself. Of course, I am trying to dispute the illegality of such a penalty, but the principles of justice and humanism do not apply to ordinary citizens of Belarus.

How much is needed?

780€ — payment of a fine in the amount of 75 basic units, according to the exchange rate of the euro as of 29.03.2022

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 784
The collection is over. Сollected: € 784