Financial assistance to a repressed Belarusian who, along with his family, was on the verge of survival

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My name is Sergei [name has been changed for security reasons, BYSOL Foundation has all identification documents]. In September 2021, I was detained at my workplace after making a comment on social media regarding the murder of A. Zeltser by KGB officers. I spent a year under investigation and, despite the evidence of my innocence, I was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of inciting extremism.

While at liberty, I faced employment problems due to my political background. My life was complicated by weekly visits to the ROVD, night visits by the police, and other difficulties. In August, after my mother was hospitalized, I missed one of the visits to the police station and was arrested for 10 days. This was the last straw, and I made a decision to move from Belarus.

My mother suffers from heart problems and has had two heart attacks. She is currently awaiting surgery and needs funds for treatment and medication. My daughter, born with a disability, suffers from short bowel syndrome. Although she is 4 years old now, she cannot speak or lean on her left leg. Because of this, she has no opportunity to attend daycare and be with children her own age. She needs regular speech therapy, massage therapy, and medical checkups.

Previously, I was in sales as a sales lead and worked as a musician. I had to sell all my music equipment and move away due to threats to my safety. I found myself on the brink of survival. I am currently staying in a hostel, however I have been asked to leave in a week. In order to resume my professional activities and start earning money, I need a computer and a guitar. With their help I will be able to start earning an income. In the near future I also plan to get a temporary job and rent a room.

Now I am asking for your financial help to settle in a new country and support my family in Belarus until I find a job.

How much is needed?


Room rent: two months' rent in advance — approximately €1000 (the requirement to pay for an additional month in advance is taken into account).
Food: approximately €200 per month.
Winter clothes: about €300.
Computer: about €500.
Musical instrument: between €200 and €400.
Financial assistance to the mother: €300.
Financial assistance for daughter: €300.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 117
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 117