Fundraising for a course of medical rehabilitation for Belarusian activist Oleg Kirlik

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Aleh Kirlik, like many Belarusians, was forced to leave Belarus for Poland after the events of 2020. Here he received international protection and got two jobs — as an electrician and a courier. He lived in a hostel. 

In November 2023, while delivering another order, Oleg's scooter did not fit into a corner and crashed into a pole. The impact was very strong and landed on his shoulder, but a scan of his arm showed that there was no fracture.

A few days later, the pain in his arm got worse. As Oleg himself says, “any touch on the arm, even raindrops, caused pain”. Oleg had no insurance. Unaffected people helped him to collect money for additional examination, which showed that nerve nodes in the shoulder were damaged or severed, which caused muscle atrophy, and Oleg may be left without an arm. Rehabilitation needs to begin as soon as possible (and insurance medicine is not a good option here because of the long time frame) to preserve as much function of the arm as possible.
(BYSOL has all the supporting medical documentation).

Since childhood, Oleg grew up without his parents and his only support is his brother. Oleg cannot work now, and his brother helps him with housing and groceries. But to afford the necessary treatment the guys are not able to, so they turn to you for help.

How much is needed?


Required set of treatments for recovery:

  • high-energy laser therapy;
  • electrotherapy to stimulate muscle function and nerve regeneration;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • hydrotherapy (hydromassage);
  • short-wave diathermy, which uses heat to reduce pain, relax and support regeneration;
  • kinesiotaping, which consolidates the effects of other treatments;
  • kinesiotherapy (movement therapy);
  • manual therapy

One day of rehabilitation costs approximately €120.
You need 10-12 days per month.
Total €15000.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 12 155
The collection is over. Сollected: € 12 155