Help for former political prisoner and filmmaker Mia Mitkevich, who left Belarus

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I am Mia Mitkiewicz.

Before the events of 2020, I was a director of a film and video production and event agency. I also had my own dance school. But after the elections on August 9, when the people's vote was stolen and the regime started killing people, I couldn't stay away.

I had a page in Vkontakte on which in 2020 I sharply spoke out against criminals in shoulder straps. For this I was sentenced to 3 years under Article 130 (Article 130 of the Criminal Code — incitement to hatred or discord).

In the colony I experienced a terrible hell, consisting of torture, violence and my own helplessness. My health was undermined — my vertebrae were displaced, my scaliosis worsened, and my osteochondrosis made itself felt. To this day, some of my fingers cannot bend after being hit with a truncheon. Due to hypothermia in the TDF, female problems also appeared.

After my release, I was not left alone, and I went to prison 2.0. Every month I had to go to the professional account in the Department of Internal Affairs and to lectures (on good behavior) to the district inspector. But in addition, people from different departmental services started coming to my house under various pretexts. They checked my phone and searched my house.

On January 5, employees of the State Security Service came to my house once again. During the conversation, they hinted that a new case was being prepared. This was the final point, after which I packed my things, contacted the BYSOL evacuation team and left Belarus.

Two weeks later, KGB officers came to my mom's house on the INeedHelp case. But, thank heavens, she was released on her own recognizance that same evening and was able to leave. My mom is now retired and has a number of health issues, so the sole breadwinner for our family is me.

I plan to continue doing movie and video production, but I need a powerful computer that can easily eat heavy files with lots of effects. Also, we need funds for an apartment for at least the first month until I can get a stable job.

Thank you very much for your help!

How much is needed?


€3500 — a powerful computer with which I can do movie and video production again.
€500 — rent for the first month

€ 1 007 in 4 000