Support for Alexander Laubert, who suffered torture and beating

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I, Laubert Alexander Alexandrovich, have been unreasonably detained and beaten several times during peaceful protests. 11.08.2020г. I was repeatedly beaten with truncheons on various parts of my body, both in the truck and while moving between the trucks, also in the TDF in Okrestino. They poured gasoline on him and threatened to burn him alive.

As a result, I received a traumatic brain injury with a concussion, bruises of internal organs, numerous bruises and bruises, and partial damage to the external collateral ligament of the right knee joint. When I was in Okrestina they starved us, did not let us sleep, the whole body hurt terribly. They put me in a cell for two people, there were 20 of us. They put me on trial on Okrestin Street and gave me 7 days of administrative arrest. When I was released, I started looking for my things, but I couldn't find them.

On the 24.10.2020 I was expelled from the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, at that time I graduated from the first course. On 26.10.2020 I went to Lithuania and underwent rehabilitation due to the injuries I sustained at the time of my first detention on 11.08.2020.

On 20.12.2020 there was an attempted detention. I was getting off the bus on Partizansky Avenue in Minsk, and the riot police ran up to me from the back and pushed me hard, and I fell face first into the asphalt; people passing by stood up for me and I managed to escape.

After that incident my health deteriorated very badly: I started having frequent headaches and nervous tics. At the moment I am in Lithuania. I am a first year student at the European Humanities University.

How much is needed?

2060 € — payment for the apartment, expenses related to the treatment of injuries after the beating.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 070
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 070