Help for political prisoner Larisa Kuzmenko with claustrophobia

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My mother, Kuzmenko Larisa, is currently a political prisoner — among those women who took to the streets to stop chaos, blood and lawlessness at the cost of their freedom.

At the beginning of September 27, 2020 her mother was detained and convicted under administrative Article 23.34. for singing the official anthem of the Republic of Belarus in the central street of the city and not being afraid to help people when riot policemen began detaining passers-by who were walking through the city. After an interview at the ROVD, where she felt unwell, she was treated by ambulance doctors. After a night in the TDF and the trial, her nervous system failed and she had a breakdown. Then she had to be treated at a psychiatric clinic for two months with a final diagnosis: “anxiety-depressive state with claustrophobia syndrome.

Events began to unfold one year after August 6, 2021. Police officers came to the workplace for Larissa, presenting a warrant for her arrest in a criminal case, although there were no questions after the trial and punishment under an administrative article until that time.

Again three hard days in the TDF, interrogation, and the charge under Article 364 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus: "violence or threat of violence against law enforcement officers on September 27, 2020." At the trial it was obvious that there were many contradictions in the case, the evidence was circumstantial and the case did not stand up to any criticism. My mother is a very vulnerable, responsible, kind and sympathetic person, and her detention, being in TDFs and pre-trial detention centers for a long time and the trials have completely undermined her moral and physical health.

She is currently taking a lot of different medications and seeing a psychologist in pre-trial detention. Larisa is the best grandmother. She loves her grandson very much and in her letters asks only how he is growing up. Her mother especially regrets that she was deprived of the joy of communicating with her beloved grandson. Despite her complicated nervous system illness and the inability to stay indoors for long periods of time under stress, the court sentenced the sick woman to two years in the minimum security prison.

Her mother has elderly and sick parents, whom she misses very much and who have no ability to help collect packages, parcels and provide for her daughter's other needs. In the future, we need money for the loan payment, clothing and food parcels and transfers to the penal colony. We would be grateful for any help for our family. 

How much is needed?

2600€ — medicines for my mother, clothing, food parcels and transfers to the penal colony.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 616
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 616