Helping a volunteer from Vitebsk, rescued from criminal prosecution, find a place in her new life

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Hello, bright people!

I'm Kristina, and somehow, unbelievably, I managed to live and be active in Belarus for the last 4 years. However, two weeks ago I still had to leave the country.

Until 2020 my life was connected with social activities, with educational work among youth and adults, with family, friends and Vitebsk. But 2020 was a turning point. It opened for me not only Belarusians, but also myself from a new side: hitches, marches, solitary picket, partisanship, escapes, detentions, trials, searches, IVS — I never thought that this story was about me.

At the end of 2021, I realized in despair that I had no other ways to openly demonstrate my position but the Belarusian language — and I took the step I had been thinking about since my school days — I completely switched to Belarusian. And my struggle has continued every minute since then.
(the original text of the collection application and all communication with Christina was in Belarusian — BYSOL note)

What I could do inside the country all this time was to help: with money, transfers, letters, communication, help to relatives of political prisoners.

And the main thing: I stayed inside Belarus, despite all the pressure. It was a hard three and a half years in Vitebsk, but happy: I was at home, I was near my mother, who needed my help so much, I was with my most beloved dog Kurtik, and I could continue our struggle.

Unfortunately, everything changed during the great hapun on January 23 of this year: I was given 15 days in harsh conditions of the IVS and a criminal case. I did not leave immediately, I kept hoping that it was just the usual intimidation in their manner. But this time the threat became too great, and between prison and abroad I chose emigration.

At home I have a 73 year old mom who has a very hard time walking, yet she is now responsible for my dog Kurt who lives with her. In the last six months my mom has suffered a spinal fracture and surgery. And the recent arm fracture she suffered while I was already behind bars.

Of course, what I'd most like to do is move both mom and Kurt to my place, wherever I am. But as of today, after an emergency layoff and evacuation, I have no job, no command of local languages, no personal residence of my own, and no money. But there are all of you, therefore:

I am asking for your help, dear friends: make it possible for Christina and Kurtik, whom I took in 2017 from the shelter, to be reunited again as soon as possible. If I take Kurt, my mom will be safer and it will give me a chance to be able to take her back to her home in the future. After all, until the end of the regime in Belarus, I am forbidden to return to my homeland. But solidarity and struggle can't be banned.

Bite for Belarus!

How much is needed?


€500 — to buy the most necessary things after an emergency evacuation: shoes, clothes, hygiene products
€700 — for preparation of the dog and its transportation from Vitebsk to Poland or Germany with the help of special services.
€800 — for travel, communication, food, medicines — for the first months until I get a job and start earning money.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 000
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 000