Helping Vladimir, a political activist who left his homeland because of criminal prosecution

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My name is Uladzimir, I am a political activist, syabar Rukh for Freedom, like the green grass in all actions and pratests in Baranovichi from 2017. Assablіva aktyўna abaranyatsya pile gramadzyansky pazіtsy pasture elections in 2020. 9 zhnіўnya were zatrymany near the excrement of the site. The head of Nesvizhsk DAI called on my flock of cars 4 pratacols, in your face for “Pagonya” on the forehead. Then they took me away from the ROVD, put pratakol on the article on 23.34.

From the police department I ended up in the Nesvizh hospital with a hypertensive crisis, from where I immediately escaped to Baranovichi, where I joined the protests. I saw how police smashed cars of common people. Saw every crime being committed. I used to gather people for protests, went out to practically all actions.

I was arrested again, but went to the hospital when the next day the police came with the protocols. I did not sign. Then I had to go to court and get fined 40 basic units. In spite of everything I continued my protest activity. On November 18, 2020 I was summoned to the tax office and detained. It turned out that the court arrested me in absentia for detention on August 9 for 10 days. Interrogations, a polygraph and an attempt to recruit me were waiting for me in Baranavichy TDF, but I failed. That day my house was searched: they confiscated my computer, laptop, shooting weapons and equipment. Subsequently, everything was returned, as nothing was found, but the strikeball weapon was returned in a damaged state. 

When I got out of prison, I continued to do business, but to no avail. Problems began: the bank began to choke, there were as many inspections as there had not been in five years before, and, accordingly, fines. Problems with landlords began. By mid-summer I was completely broke. On August 10, 2021 GUBOP arrested my brother, and in the morning they broke in and took me away for six hours of interrogation. Together with my brother they tried to tie us into an extremist group. They interrogated us for a long time, but to no avail. Eventually they let us go and told us to sit, wait, and keep quiet. They warned me that if I left they would bring me back with a bag over my head. At the end they offered to help my brother, but I refused. Soon I moved to Russia, where I worked illegally and unofficially for an old acquaintance. But the specifics of Russia are such that you can't earn anything there, there's kidnapping everywhere. 

All this time searches were going on in the house where I was registered and where my parents lived. My mother kept getting calls from various agencies asking where I was. At the end of March the Minsk City Investigative Committee came to search me. The search report stated that I was suspected under 10 articles of the Criminal Code. My mother was told that I would be sentenced to 10 years and I would get it anyway.

After finding out that I would get a real sentence, I left Russia and am now safe in a new country. I am asking everyone who cares, please help me in the initial phase to settle in, learn and start my life over, without fear of going to jail for wanting change and freedom.

How much is needed?

1210€ — flight; insurance; accommodation; work permit; food and clothing.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 212
The collection is over. Сollected: € 212