Help for relatives of Vadim Gulevich, who is imprisoned

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Vadim graduated from BSU with a degree in web design, computer graphics, humanities. He worked in IT-sphere, always helped his mother and grandmother, also wrote songs and composed music. Vadim, like many other Belarusians, had his own civic position, which he was not afraid to defend during the protest movement.

In 2020, he was detained for the first time and sent to Okrestino. In October 2021, Vadim served eight days in Zhodzina. In addition to the days in jail, he was also given a large fine for honking his car at the trial.

One day Vadim came to his mother for her birthday, and the next day they took him away. At first he was kept in the KGB pre-trial detention center, then in Volodarskogo. Mom was given a date with him. He said that he felt better here and had at least some sanitary conditions. During the walks he exercises. Vadim tries not to lose heart, but like every political prisoner he especially needs human support.

The only relatives Vadim has are his mother and grandmother. His grandmother is 87 years old and his mother works as a nurse in a hospital. In order to support her son and grandson during his imprisonment — they need help.

How much is needed?

600 € — clothes; packages; parcels.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 650
The collection is over. Сollected: € 650