Dismissal of active union member from MTZ

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Since August 1, fired from JSC “MTZ” for her principled position — unwillingness to join pro-government trade unions in August 2020, she left the official trade union Belprofmash, which according to management contradicts the policy of the company. I first joined the independent trade union REP and then SPM. 

I have been looking for a job for several months, but the specifics of my profession assumes work at a state enterprise or in the state bodies, where I do not want to work and where I am most likely not to be hired.

In addition, in December 2020, I was charged with a crime for posting a bcb poster on the balcony. On the eve of National Unity Day, the authorities decided to clean up the city. On September 15 I was detained and held for two days in the TDF on Okrestina until the trial. They found nothing in my apartment or on my phone and decided to charge me with a now popular article — article 24.3 of the Administrative Code for disobedience to an official.

At the moment I am interning for free in a non-state organization to get another specialty, but the money I had set aside in the “safety cushion” is already over. 

How much is needed?

330 € — to pay my rent, keep my pets (taken in from the street) and buy some basic necessities.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 352
The collection is over. Сollected: € 352