Fundraiser for a Belarussian activist for rehabilitation after an injury, paperwork.

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In 2020, I was actively involved in political processes. I was a member of initiative groups and headquarters of the presidential candidates Tsepkalo and Tihanovskaia. I organized the collection of signatures at ”Kamaranka” and meetings with S.Tihanowskaya′s proxies in Minsk. In total he organised more than 20 rallies. During a water pipe breakdown in Minsk, he was involved in the provision of water to hospitals. After 9 August, he provided for the needs of the initiatives, accompanied the leaders of the protest movement on marches and supplied the protest events with equipment and materials. Participated in the evacuation of people in danger from Belarus. In particular: Antonina Konovalova′s mother with her grandchildren, Sergey Dylevsky. He was involved in financing the protest activities. In September 2021, he applied for asylum in Ukraine. Also in September 21, I broke my leg. A compound fracture in three places around the ankle of his left leg. In July 2022. I am currently in need of help, as I have serious health problems due to the consequences of a complex fracture in my leg and the need to pay for rehabilitation. I also have arrears in rent payments. With the outbreak of the hot phase of Russia′s war against Ukraine, the situation of Belarusians became even more difficult - blocking of bank cards closed access to remote work, no possibility to get a job according to my status. At the moment, with the obtaining of refugee status, such a possibility has appeared, but the cost of living in Ukraine has also risen dramatically. In order to complete the asylum application process, registration (for a fee) and a number of other documents have to be obtained. Since 2020, I have helped everyone who has asked for help, either with money or with actions. Now I need help, and I hope, Belarusians, for your solidarity and support.
The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 636
The collection is over. Сollected: € 636