Help pay for attorney fees and support for Anita Bakunovich's family

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It all happened early in the morning when Anita and her brother were still asleep. They did not understand what was happening and were very stressed. As it turned out, the SOBR invasion of the apartment was only the beginning. When guns are pointed at you, there is no question of any resistance. The men were like bandits. They did not introduce themselves, did not show their ID cards, they did not draw up any papers, and they also did not talk about witnesses. They just broke down the door, took whatever they liked out of the apartment and kidnapped people. Even now it's hard to believe that this happened in our “country for life.

After the search, Anita was taken to the police department. After two hours there was a court hearing, of which no one knew, not even her mother. The result: 15 days in jail for "resisting arrest". Anita was taken to Okrestino, and the girl's relatives could only learn of her whereabouts a day later. No parcels or warm clothes or even medicine were delivered to Okrestino. Anita wore pants and a light jacket which she apparently slept on. We asked them nicely to pass warm clothes and hygiene products, but there was no humanity in these subhuman beings. They took Anita away, as if on purpose, to Zhodzina. After 15 days in jail she got another 10 days in Akrestsinaw. Naturally, we were helpless in this situation.  It took 25 days and we were all waiting for Anita to get out, but the doors didn't open that day.

Then Anita was taken to detention center # 1, where after 25 days we gave her first things and means of hygiene. It's hard to imagine what she went through and is still going through. Anita is still in jail, being charged under Art. It's hard to imagine what she's gone through so far. We don't know how long this difficult period will last. Our family would like to ask for help in paying for a lawyer in order to learn at least a little bit about Anita's condition and to influence the pre-trial process. As long as there is a chance and an opportunity, we are fighting and keep fighting. We will not be broken!

How much is needed?

3420€ — legal fees; lawyer's fees; family support.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 436
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 436