Assistance to a mother with a child (the child's legs have been operated on)

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Hello. It is very difficult and embarrassing for me to admit that I need help very much. I'm used to helping others as much as I can. That's why I got hurt. Besides taking part in rallies, one of which ended up in court and a suspended sentence for me, I took part in collecting signatures for the recall of our precinct deputy, for a dialogue with the mayor of our city, and for restoring the number of signatures for the voting results. The latter was the cause of harassment by the school where my son attended, as there was an election on the school grounds and the principal was on board. 

My son goes to school medical commission and it turns out that he needs urgent surgery (plates were put in both legs for 5 years). My son needs rehabilitation throughout this period. The school started harassment, put him in SOP and threatened to expel the child. 

They started threatening me and blackmailing my child for my help (just informational). Because of this we urgently left Belarus with our son. I have no one to help me financially.

I need help to buy clothes for my son, orthopedic shoes, to continue the rehabilitation of my son, stationery for school, our move to Poland (they take my son to school there), to live for 1-2 months while I find a job, and to buy drugs for me (I take thyroxine all the time).

I really hope for your help, and I really want to believe that soon I will be able to help someone.

How much is needed?

4000€ — orthopedic shoes for the child — €600,
Clothing for the child — 300 €,
School supplies — 100 €,
Rehabilitation and medication — 1500 €,
Accommodation, food for 1-2 months, transportation to Poland — € 1500.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 563
The collection is over. Сollected: € 563