Support center for bears rescued from circuses and menageries

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White Rock – is a rehabilitation center for bears rescued from circuses and menageries.

The goal of our rehabilitation center is to rescue bears that have suffered from human cruelty, rehabilitate and treat them after circuses, petting stations and menageries, keep them for life or transfer them to other rehabilitation centers.

The center lives off donations and excursions. Since the shelter's inception, 12 bears have been rehabilitated. 

Veterinarians, zoologists, and caretakers at the rehabilitation center are responsible for the bears' rehabilitation program and diet.

The bears were temporarily evacuated at the beginning of the invasion and continue to be fed and treated. Funds are needed to pay for food and housing. An expensive syringe is also needed — to sedate the bears for veterinary treatment, transportation, evacuation and rescue missions
More about the shelter here:

How much is needed?

7000€ — Ongoing expenses — food and housing for the bears and syringe.

€ 1 473 in 7 000