The First Belarusian Online School in Ukraine

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The first Belarusian online school in Ukraine, was created to help provide secondary education to children whose families were forced to leave Belarus due to repression in their home country.

The goal is to give a decent education to children whose parents have been imprisoned or fallen under the machine of repression. Children should not lose their education because of “adult problems. Our children should have a decent future. We want to give them a path to that future, at least in this way.

The uniqueness of the school is that our students receive an education and attestation of the state standard of Ukraine, but they retain their Belarusian self-identification.

They retain the subjects of the Belarusan vector, such as:
*Belarussian language,
*Belarusian literature,
*History of Belarus,
*Russian language and literature,
*Belarusian language and literature, *Belarusian culture
*Information technologies,
*Lessons of kindness from Malyavanych.

Today 45 Belarusian children study at the school, and repressed Belarusian teachers work there.
Unfortunately, most families whose children study with us do not have the opportunity to pay even the minimal cost of education, many study for free.
The money we collect from parents is only enough to cover the Belarusian vector. 

We are looking for those who are willing to help the school financially to pay for the Ukrainian vector.
Ukrainian education for our children is based on a private school Midgard, which ensures a good education for the children.
We are ready to answer any questions and provide calculation tables.
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How much is needed?

16700€ — Monthly subsidy amount for children's tuition is $6500 The school is 9 months. We found funds for 1 month, but there is no support for the following months. 6500*3 =19500$
Which equals 16700€ for 3 months of tuition for 45 children.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 120
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 120