Support “Паспалiтае Рушэньне”

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“Паспалiтае Рушэньне” is an independent organization that consists of Belarusian volunteers as well as foreign representatives who strive for the liberation of Belarus and Ukraine from Russian occupation and the Lukashenko regime, the establishment of democracy, the restoration of the rule of law, the preservation of independence, territorial integrity, national and cultural revival of the nation and the state. «Паспалітае рушэньне» is united with the goal of putting an end to the 30-year dictatorship of Lukashenko and freeing Belarus from the occupation of the “Russian world”.

Our “Паспалiтае Рушэньне” already has more than two hundred people and our number is constantly increasing. We tirelessly train and undergo basic military training in Poland, Lithuania, and other friendly countries. After successfully completing the training, more than 20% of our participants joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The better we prepare now, the fewer losses we will have in combat.

We aim to continue active training, planning workouts, and recruiting new participants. We need your support to achieve these goals!
Every volunteer who joins us is provided with everything necessary for maximum adaptation and successful completion of all stages of training. In addition, our fighters must be fully prepared to be sent to war in maximum equipment. That is why we are launching a campaign to raise 20,500 euros to purchase military uniforms, necessary equipment for protection and training.

What is the required amount and what can we buy for it?

20,500 € — 100 sets of 205 euros per set, which include UBAC, tunic, pants with inserts, gloves, Smock jacket with hood, backpack, and other items.

€ 11 756 in 20 500