Help Initiative “Psychologichna pidtrimka — Ukraine”

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On March 1, as part of volunteering, we launched a telegram bot, where anyone can get psychological help after experiencing traumatic events. The bot is staffed by 15 psychologists, both Ukrainian and Belarusian. During the time of bot's existence, the number of people who wanted to get support reached 1400 people. In total we received more than 500 messages with requests for help: people under bombardment, people who have lost their home, mothers who can't calm their children after forced emigration and horrors they have seen, girls who were in the army standing guard and were just afraid for their lives, young guys who went to the army and cried because they will never see their loved ones again…

Now we want to start individual and group therapy to help even more people. Money is needed in order to pay for the work of psychologists. In the bot work specialists of different modalities: Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral therapists, crisis psychologists and others.

Our task is to provide emergency psychological help to those in need in order to reduce the risks of developing post-traumatic disorder and to support them in living with their traumatic experience. Main requests: fear, panic, phobias, panic attacks, symptoms of dissociative disorder, signs of post-traumatic disorder.

How much is needed?

5150€ — two group therapies for 6 people (10 meetings); 7 individual therapies (10 meetings).

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 39
The collection is over. Сollected: € 39