Helping refugees from Ukraine — initiative

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The initiative creates and maintains a platform to provide up-to-date information to refugees from Ukraine on all major issues: the situation at the border, evacuation transport, restrictions on entry into countries, support for vulnerable groups (people of elegant age, LGBTQ+ persons, people with children, women). 

Our team — more than 150 volunteers from several countries of the world, who are constantly engaged in search, verification, editing and updating the information on the resource, which is visited by more than 35 thousand people every day. 

At the moment we are developing the platform and making it accessible to people with disabilities, improving the interface and adding new categories of information. To do this, we are consulting with experts from related fields and hiring developers who would be able to make changes. 

We also really want to support our volunteers who help refugees every day by giving them the opportunity to consult with psychologist_injuns, meet for small retreats to restore resources.

How much is needed?

5000 € — to hire a permanent staff_to manage the site; to consult with experts_to improve the functionality of the platform; to pay for hosting, tools necessary for the work; — to support the volunteers.

€ 5 in 5 000