Support for LIfelineUK, a company engaged in the delivery of tactical medicine in Ukraine

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Every day Russian shells kill hundreds of Ukrainians and injure thousands. Medics do their best, but they often lack the means to save lives. In particular, they lack tactical medical supplies and equipment, such as tactical tourniquets, occlusive and hemostatic bandages and stickers (to stop blood and heal war wounds), anti-burn hydrogels, hand resuscitators, venous tourniquets, medical tactical backpacks and bags. Between 2,000 and 5,000 of each item is urgently needed. 


We have started a fundraising campaign to buy as many of the items on this list as possible and deliver them to Ukraine. First and foremost, we want to purchase tactical tourniquets and wound dressings (depending on what is available when the funds are raised). One tourniquet costs about 45 euros, an occlusive dressing 25 euros. Their timely application can not just stop the blood, but save a life. If we can raise all the money we need, we will be able to buy either 222 turnstiles or 400 occlusive bandages. We are in contact with Ukrainian activists and are closely following updates from them to make sure we buy only quality equipment. We are also communicating with potential suppliers in Britain, where most of our team is based, about prices and availability. Once we have raised enough money and purchased the necessary supplies, we will either deliver them in one of the initiative's own vehicles, or find another way to deliver them in cooperation with our contacts in Britain and Ukraine. 


We guarantee that the entire donated amount will be spent on the purchase of tactical medical supplies and their delivery to Ukraine. We will provide a report of spending, process and outcome. 


We are a small group of people from different countries who are outraged by Russia's monstrous actions in Ukraine and want to help. Most of us are based in Ukraine, one person is in Lithuania. Some of us have family members, relatives, friends and colleagues in Ukraine. Our combined professional experience includes protection and promotion of human rights, support for independent media, web development, construction and engineering, architecture and design, chemistry for sustainable development, and financial law. 

How much is needed?

10300€ — We want to purchase either 222 turnstiles or 400 occlusive bandages (which we will purchase will depend on product availability at the time the full amount is raised).

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 510
The collection is over. Сollected: € 510