Help for women in Ukraine who have suffered from violence

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The first shipment of medicines to help women in Ukraine — 500 Rape kits — was sent to the feminist Ukrainian organization Women's March. They have been working with women's issues for a long time, and they have a well-established and strong relationship with forensic experts. Our partners helped us to pay for the purchase and delivery of the raptors separately from the funds raised at the fundraiser. Details and a photo report can be found here:

We transferred 20,000 euros to the Center for Volunteering and Protection. This is the largest humanitarian hub in Lviv, where donors send donations, which are then distributed throughout the country. Details and a photo report can be found here: and

We transferred 16,275 euros to the Ukrainian organization Community Self-Help. With the support of #Foundation_Aid, they delivered medicines to the Bucha Primary Health Care Center and more. Details and a photo report can be found here:

16 312 euros we transferred to the organization March of Women. Women turn to the Women's March every day to get help. It is one of the largest feminist organizations in Ukraine. Details and a photo report can be found here:

7,681 euros were donated by the international NGO Women Help Women and the Ukrainian-Israeli NGO Palyanytsya for special first aid kits after surviving sexualized violence.

Total amount collected: 60,268 euros.
Total transferred: 60,268 euros.

The fundraising and distribution campaign was managed by the Support Ukrainian Woman initiative group, which includes: the media project GIRLS POWER BELARUSThe Belarusian Solidarity Foundation BYSOL, #BMSF  and the community of Belarusian feminist activists.

Below you can see some of the medical organizations that have received donations from the organizations mentioned above: 

— Novhorod-Siverskyi District Military Administration (Chernihiv region) 
 — Military Hospital of the National Guard of Ukraine 
 — State Institution “Zaitsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kharkiv 
 — Institute of Medical Radiology S.P. Grigoriev 
 — Municipal Enterprise “City Perinatal Center” of Kharkiv City Council 
 — Municipal Enterprise “Novgorod-Siversk Central City Hospital” 
 — Kryvyi Rih District Military Administration 
 — Lozova City Council (Kharkiv region) 
 — Makariv Township TG 
 — Novovorontsov Township Council (Kherson region) 
 — Shapoval Regional Clinical Center for Urology and Nephrology, Kharkiv 
 — Uman City Council (Cherkasy region) 
 — m. Okhtyrka (Sumy region) 
 — Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern Region 
 — Chuhuiv City Council (Kharkiv region) 
 — Yuzhnoukrainsk City Council (Mykolaiv region)



Lately an interview with a 33-year-old Ukrainian woman, who was raped late in the evening on March 9 by Russian invaders in her own house on a farm near Kiev went all over the world. Before that, they killed her 35-year-old husband, and her 4-year-old son was hiding in the boiler room in horror all this time.

The Ukrainian woman said that drunken Russian soldiers put a pistol to her temple, forced her to undress, and after that they raped her in turn for several hours. When the drunken soldiers fell asleep, the woman picked the baby up, he refused to move out of fear, and ran on foot at night to relatives. It was not possible to leave, the family's car was destroyed by soldiers.

«They both took turns raping me. They didn't care that my son was crying loudly. They told me to leave and silence him, and then ordered me to return. All this time they held a gun to my head, mocked me. They said among themselves: «What do you think, how does she suck? Should we kill her or let her live?», – from an interview with a woman to the British edition of The Times.

This is the first story to be given worldwide publicity, but certainly not the first case of bullying and violence against women during the war.

In order to help women with expensive medicines (contraceptives, prescription drugs, Rape kit) and their subsequent transfer to Ukraine so that women are not left alone with their misfortune, we are opening a collection for women who faced violence during the war.

*Communication will take place only with women employees of the fund.

We guarantee anonymity.

What amount is needed?

10 000€ -

  • Purchase medicines
  • Contraceptives
  • Purchase a Rape kit is a set of items for collecting and storing material evidence of sexual violence, which will help fix the crime.

The funds raised will also go to help and rehabilitate women survivors of violence in Ukraine.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 60 268
The collection is over. Сollected: € 60 268