Supporting the work of the “Belarusian Hajun Project” team

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The team of the Belarusian Hajun Project has been monitoring and tracking ALL the activity of the armed forces on the occupied territory (and in the airspace) of Belarus since the end of January 2022 and up to now. We are talking about the occupation troops of Russia and the Belarusian troops subordinate to Lukashenka.

Since the beginning of the active stage of the war, we have also been trying to identify all possible missile launches by the Kremlin troops towards Ukraine in order to warn residents of Ukraine about possible bombings and to give people an extra 3-5-10 minutes to hide in a shelter. We make investigations, check various fakes that concern the situation in Belarus, and try our best to help Ukraine and Ukrainians to win this inhumane war of Putin as soon as possible. We need your support for project development, team work, hiring new people for the project, paying for various services and applications that help in our work.

All funds raised will be used to pay our team and consultants for their work.

€ 23 805 in 30 900