Helping the BON Charitable Foundation to fundraise for ammunition for defenders of Ukraine

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The BON Charitable Foundation has been providing for the needs of Ukraine's defenders since 2014. We know from our own experience how important it is to organize a strong home front for both the military and civilians. 

Although requests to our fund from the military come officially, according to the requirements, in the format of an appeal — on their basis, we still issue aid on an individual basis, guided by the needs of the fighter and making sure the intended use of the aid. Guided by our many years of experience in providing support on the front lines, we do not try to cover all requests that come in, but work rationally, exclusively with the needs of specialized soldiers who take part in combat missions. 

Our focus is on the front line and special forces fighters who need regular re-supply after forced losses during combat missions (most often dropped body armor, backpacks, RPGs, broken optics, and spent individual first-aid kits). During the active phase of combat operations the number of requests consistently exceeds 70 per month. Of these, we are able to close 20 of them on our own. 

Full kitting of one soldier on the front line costs 1000 €. Given the format of our assistance, namely additional manning, the average cost per soldier ranges from 200 € to 700 €. It is in your power to help our volunteers with the supplementation of a soldier on the front line, who is personally supported by the foundation.

How much is needed?

20600€ — assistance in collecting ammunition for defenders of Ukraine. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
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The collection is over. Сollected: € 0