Support for the “IT/Marketing Courses for Emigrants” project

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My name is Afanasenko Oleg. I together with a former political prisoner have launched IT and marketing courses, where we teach free of charge Belarusians, who due to emigration have found themselves in a difficult situation. Each of us has more than 8 years of experience in his field and 4 years of teaching experience.

We were able to negotiate with a co-working space where we now teach 17 people in two disciplines — 2 times a week for two hours. We share practical knowledge and do our best to help these people find employment in Poland. We buy all the necessary training programs ourselves.

We also collected requirements (vacancies) in the field of Digital and do everything so that in 3 months they could learn and confirm their knowledge on the position of junior. In some disciplines we help to get official certificates from Google Academy. We make each CV (CV in Polish) and help to properly design personal LinkedIn accounts.

Since we had about 56 people in our first class and the co-working room was only big enough for 17 people, we signed up others for the next class (also for free), but some Belarusians from the whole Poland started to apply.

We decided to get the teachers together and move our courses online. Now we have 5 teachers and we are able to train up to 60 people in one stream (2-3 months). In disciplines: SMM, Marketing, SEO, WEB development, Targeting, Software Testing, English for Interviews.

We continue to teach Offline for free, in order to continue our activities we were forced to those students who are online, teach them for a fee, but the amount per month is symbolic — 200 zlt or 300 zlt (depending on the selected course).

However, we do not have enough money to teach all who are interested.

How much is needed?

€5270  — Salary of administrator (Formation of groups, giving access, answers to questions, confirmation email to different services), online service for webinars, Diploma Printing, Salary of the teacher (5 teachers).

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 158
The collection is over. Сollected: € 158