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Voices from Belarus

Hi. My name is Sasha Zvereva. I've been part of a very cool project that has dozens of volunteers working on it for a year now.

We created Voices from Belarus in July 2020, when Belarusians all over the world started asking the question “where can I find news in English to share with my friends?”

We tested different formats: we ran a blog, ran a channel, but eventually settled on the sicial networks that foreign audiences use more often — Twitter and Instagram.  If you are new to the project, I recommend you start with Instagram and our Belarus with Masha news bulletins by Masha Zabara, a Belarussian living in the states.

We report on what's going on in Belarus in English. We try to choose the most interesting news and devote separate publications to them, and make short news bulletins.

You may think the whole world knows about the events in Belarus. But, unfortunately, that's not the case. Many people living in Europe and the United States have only overheard about the post-election protests in Belarus or what happened to the Rynair plane. People still have no idea what's going on in the middle of Europe right now. And we know how important it is to get the public's attention: not just politicians, but ordinary people as well.

For a year now, Voices from Belarus has been run by volunteers who search for news, translate it into English, proofread and edit texts, prepare visuals, and edit videos. The group that works on Twitter feels like it never sleeps :)

Maybe that's why the British Embassy in Minsk, the Office of the President of Latvia, Deutsche Welle, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, the British Embassy in Minsk, and Svetlana Tihanovskaya subscribe to our account.

The main question: why do we need money?

It's very simple: we want to grow and expand our audience so that we can reach more people. In addition to informing, people can be involved in various activities: from helping the victims to encouraging them to participate in rallies held by Belarusians around the world.

The funds raised will provide us with an advertising budget. In our turn, we promise to continue to do our work well.

PS We also have Youtube, it doesn't have many subscribers, but it's a collection of videos you can share with your English-speaking friends.