Helping released political prisoners who need medical care

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We have created a charity campaign to help former political prisoners to restore their health after spending time in inhumane conditions of Belarusian prisons and reception centers. Their mental and physical state has suffered greatly and now people need support to improve their health.

They lived in cold, or extreme heat, without fresh air and in specially arranged draughts. Without hygiene facilities, adequate food and clean drinking water. In Belarus, the conditions of detention of political prisoners are deliberately created in such a way that the body is subjected to extreme stress and strain. According to one BYSOL beneficiary:

“Ventilation is faulty, ventilation grates are clogged with dust and dirt, mice are the masters of the cell, they are everywhere and are not even afraid of people, there are mouse experiments everywhere, dirt, unsanitary, lack of fresh air. Food that cannot be eaten because it stinks. No warm water, no personal hygiene products, smoky cells, bedbugs. People are combed to blood, some have severe allergic reactions. Most of all I suffered from lack of air, strong tobacco smoke — a blue mist in the cell, on which you can hang an axe, lack of warm water, lack of opportunity to wash, wash things, dry, in the pre-trial detention center it was forbidden. And here you are dirty and smelly, a hedgehog in tobacco smoke”.

People were not provided with medical care and were mistreated by wardens. People suffered torture and beatings.

Such imprisonment causes physical and mental harm to people, which often requires long specialized treatment afterward. The most frequent requests our BYSOL team receives are:

  • during the period of detention due to nerves and stress, teeth have started to “crumble” badly and need dental care;
  • due to the fact that it was very cold and not very healthy microclimate in the TDF and SIZO, a chalazion has formed on the eyelid (it is a benign formation on the inner side of the eyelid measuring a few millimeters in size). A surgical operation is required to remove it;
  • treatment of Crohn's Disease, exacerbation after being in the conditions of the pre-trial detention center, after the release confirmed deterioration of the condition in the hospital in Minsk, after receiving disability in April 2022, on the background of deterioration of the intestines, liver, joints, cysts of both kidneys. Need special therapy for my disease;
  • ophthalmologist (graying vision) and GP (peptic ulcer disease and more). After the coronavirus disease on Ocrestino still has not recovered my sense of smell and taste buds, knee problems. Endless ringing in the ears. Back problems.

Amount needed: €9.000

All funds raised will be used to help the families of released political prisoners who are in need of medical assistance. Join us!

€ 5 681 in 9 000