BYSOL in Tik Tok and LinkedIn

BYSOL expands its online presence to raise awareness and provide assistance to victims of repression in Belarus and Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine.

Belarus Solidarity Foundation (BYSOL), a prominent organization dedicated to supporting victims of repression under the Belarusian regime and providing assistance to Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine, has recently expanded its online presence with the launch of its official LinkedIn page and TikTok account.

The LinkedIn page, accessible at , aims to connect professionals, activists, and individuals interested in human rights, democracy, and social justice issues. It will serve as a platform for sharing updates, news, and relevant articles related to the ongoing situation in Belarus, as well as highlighting the activities and achievements of BYSOL.

Simultaneously, BYSOL has embraced the power of social media by launching its TikTok account under the handle @bysolfund. By utilizing TikTok's engaging and accessible format, BYSOL aims to reach a younger audience and raise awareness about the human rights violations in Belarus. The TikTok account will feature short videos, educational content, survivor stories, and calls to action, encouraging users to stand in solidarity with those affected by repression.

Through these online platforms, BYSOL intends to create a vibrant and interactive community where individuals can engage in discussions, share experiences, and find information about the support and resources available to victims of repression. BYSOL's LinkedIn and TikTok pages will also foster connections between individuals and organizations working towards a democratic and just Belarus, as well as highlight the bravery and resilience of Belarusian and Ukrainian volunteers involved in humanitarian efforts.

In addition to the launch of its online platforms, BYSOL continues its on-the-ground initiatives, providing various forms of assistance to victims of repression and supporting Ukrainian volunteers who are actively involved in helping those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. BYSOL remains committed to its mission of promoting human rights, advocating for justice, and standing in solidarity with those facing oppression.

To stay updated with BYSOL's work and join the growing community of individuals fighting for human rights and freedom in Belarus, follow their LinkedIn page and TikTok account @bysolfund.

General fundraising

BYSOL supports families of political prisoners, strike committees, courtyard communities, dismissed workers and expelled students, local initiatives that help Belarusians fight against lawlessness in the country.